The new Cenius TX- cultivators in the Amazone programme

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With the Cenius 5003-2 TX and 4003-2TX in 5 and 4 m working width Amazonen-Werke, with immediate effect, offers two new universal cultivators. Together with the 7 m and 6 m Cenius models, which were introduced for the first time at Agritechnica 2013, AMAZONE with its new TX series now covers the range of 4 m to 7 m working width.

All Cenius TX models with integrated centre running gear, each with four rows of tines arranged in a stagger layout and with a frame height of 80 cm, provide the optimum preconditions for a trouble-free straw passage. Thanks to the newly developed C-Mix share system, they offer completely flexible operation – from shallow stubble work, via top soil deep loosening, to seedbed preparation.

Two alternatives are available as a tine overload safety device for the TX cultivators. The C-Mix Super tines are protected via a pressurised spring with a release force of 600 kg and 300 mm lift height. In this way, even when used deep and under most difficult operating conditions, a perfect working performance is achieved. For operation on light to medium soils without stones, however, the C-Mix Special tine with a shear bolt safety device has been designed.

For levelling the soil surface, an additional row of discs is arranged behind the four rows of tines. Two alternatives are available: serrated levelling discs or smooth levelling discs.

Depending on the soil conditions the machines can also be equipped with differing following rollers for the final reconsolidation. For this Amazone, besides of the wedge ring roller, offers the knife roller, tandem roller or cage roller.

The depth guidance of the TX cultivators is carried out both by the front via support wheels and via the following roller. This depth system allows adjustment, from choice, either mechanically or via a hydraulically actuated set-up. If it is intended to operate the cultivator under very wet conditions and without a following roller, the centre running gear can also be used as depth guidance.

The centre running gear not only makes the Cenius TX very manoeuvrable, but also allows, in combination with the mix of 550/45-22.5 and 400/600 and air braking, quick road transport at up to 40 km/h. The machine is raised via the hydraulically actuated drawbar which, on request can be equipped with a traction control system for improved forced between the tyres and the soil surface.


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