19 Nov 2020

ProfisPro – the new intelligent weighing system

The constantly growing demand for increased precision prompted Amazone to start building mounted fertiliser spreaders with an integrated weighing system in 2001. The Profis weighing system enables any deviations of the actual application rate from the target rate to be accurately identified. The weigh cells on the current spreader programme measure the weight changes 200 times per second and automatically adjust the shutter positions every 25 kg. The biggest advantage of the weighing system is that it measures in real time, and so the application rate is therefore kept at the optimum all the time, even when side, border, water course or wedge-shaped spreading.

A new completely thought-through calibration system: ProfisPro
Application rate regulation via the Profis weighing system is extremely accurate. Any deviation across the entire spreading season only amounts to about 1%. However, to provide permanent regulation, even within the 25 kg adjustment intervals of the weighing system, the ZA-TS mounted spreaders and the ZG-TS 01 trailed spreaders are now available with the new intelligent ProfisPro weighing system. ProfisPro includes the interaction of the Profis weighing system with the new FlowControl torque measuring system. In this respect, FlowControl is equipped with one sensor per spreading disc, so that the torque on each individual spreading disc can be monitored. The correlation between application rates and the torque generated at the spreading disc at different working widths have been determined for all types of fertiliser on the basis of numerous spreading tests. Put simply: Low application rates generate less torque on the disc than higher rates. FlowControl reliably monitors the torque on each spreading disc drive independently and can immediately adjust the position of the application rate shutters in the event of a deviation from the target rate.

Precise application rate from the very first second with the ProfisPro intelligent weighing system for the ZA-TS mounted spreader.

This combination of weighing system and FlowControl enables the fertiliser spreader to use torque in order to regulate its theoretical application rate over the entire spreading process. The Profis weighing system monitors the actual spread rate every 25 kg. This allows FlowControl to recalibrate itself at regular intervals. This takes place without any need to stop. The ProfisPro intelligent weighing system means that the spread rate is optimised from the very first second of the spreading process starting. In addition, the driver has an overview of the actual quantity remaining in the hopper at all times as well as the possibility to display the remaining travelling distance until empty. The spread rate regulation between the Profis weighing system and the FlowControl sensors is a unique selling feature for Amazone. 

FlowCheck for monitoring the shutter apertures 
Amazone also offers the FlowCheck monitoring device for the ZA-TS Hydro series as an inexpensive alternative to FlowControl. Whereas FlowControl can control and adjust the application rate independently to each side, FlowCheck only detects blockages and when running empty of the two shutter apertures. Should a blockage occur, both systems rectify the fault by quickly opening and closing the shutter slide whilst simultaneously reversing the agitator. This means absolute reliability of operation for the farmer.

Precision even on hilly terrain

A tilt sensor ensures the optimum application rate even when working on slopes.

Furthermore, all Amazone weigh-cell spreaders can be optionally equipped with a tilt sensor. This sensor enables the measuring system to calculate the influence of the slope on the weight measurement, so that the application rate is correct even when spreading laterally across a slope or up or down slopes. 

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