The new Cirrus Grand

High work rates, maximum precision


The Cirrus Grand cultivator drill for larger farms and contractors is precise, flexible and highly efficient to use. The large seed hopper, the versatile distributor head and the tyres with a Matrix profile offer many advantages for current and future sowing systems. A high percentage, even field emergence is guaranteed thanks to the Matrix profile tyres for strip-wise reconsolidation. 


Distributor head with individual row shut-off for extremely small overlap zones to promote vigour in the crops and to cut the cost of seed and fertiliser.

High output!

Twin-chamber hopper supplied as standard and high application rates of up to 400 kg/ha at 16 km/h. Safe road transport at up to 40 km/h provided by lifting the centre running gear and running on the outer 2 pairs of wheels.


Manoeuvrable in the field thanks to individual wheel mounting. Hopper capacity optimised for big bags with substantial excess capacity for a reduction in turn-round times. Half-side folding possible.

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