C-Mix Clip quick change system – Quick and easy share change for the cultivator tines

Quick, safe and cost-effective

With the C-Mix Clip quick change system, AMAZONE now also offers a system that enables a (virtually) tool-less, and above all, simpler, quicker and very comfortable share exchange. 

Like the well-known C-Mix shares, the C-Mix Clip system consists of a guide plate with a point. However, on the C-Mix Clip system, the guide plate is fixed to the tine and the point is attached to the quick change system. After the initial, simple fitting of the C-Mix Clip carrier onto the tine, different share points, specific to the relevant application, can be quickly fixed with the aid of an easily removable locking pin. The locking pin is guided at the back of the tine through a hollow screw and thus keeps the relevant share point safely on the C-Mix Clip carrier.

The separation of guide plate from the share point above all serves to reduce wearing metal costs. Depending on soil type, location and soil moisture, 3 to 5 share points can be worn prior to exchanging the guide plate. The new guide plates on the C-Mix share system are manufactured with a spiral design that ensures, in combination with the optimum radius of the guide plate, the perfect deflection of the soil flow and thus a very high mixing intensity but yet with a lower power requirement.

Depending on the application, AMAZONE offers three different share points. The 80 mm wide C-Mix Clip point,
the 100 mm wide C-Mix Clip point and a C-Mix Clip duck foot point which covers 320 mm. The 80 mm and 100 mm C-Mix Clip shares can also be used in conjunction with the 350 mm wing shares and thus give a complete overall soil movement when stubble tilling.

The benefits

  • Easy share change – reduced downtime 
  • Reduction in set-up time – reduced costs 
  • Share change in less than three minutes (on a 3 m working width)

C-Mix quick change system 

  1. Gap provides insurance against loss 
  2. Share fixing 
  3. Upper fixing screw (hollow) 
  4. Locking pin 
  5. Lower fixing screw

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