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Overhauling golf course roughs for an all-round better experience

When it comes to rough management, Dave Lowe, Head Greenkeeper at Bawtry Golf Club, Austerfield, Doncaster has his work cut out. Find put how his team utilise a Profhopper PH1250 and a Groundkeeper GHS 1800 Jumbo to keep his course in top condition.

Gammies celebrate 25 years of Amazone Groundcare

Gordon Edwards of Gammies Groundcare, based in Forfar, has been involved with Amazone machinery for over 25 years and to celebrate this long-standing cooperation, Gordon was presented with a gift by Amazone Groundcare National Sales Manager, Richard Wroot at a recent visit.

Variable Depth Tillage Experiment at Orchard Farm

In collaboration with a Harper Adams University student, a study into the environmental and productivity benefits of Variable Depth Tillage (VDT) was undertaken on our premises at Orchard Farm.

40 years of AMAZONE Ltd.

Since the early 60’s, AMAZONE machinery has enjoyed a long tradition in Great Britain. Here we take a look back over those 40 years of Amazone Ltd.

75,000 growers can’t be wrong

Quite a milestone – the 75,000th AMAZONE sprayer sold to Robert Davidson & Son Ltd.

It was way back in 1969 when the first Amazone sprayer made its debut onto the market. Designated the S range, those original 400 and 600 litre mounted sprayers started a journey towards the unbelievably comprehensive Amazone sprayer programme that we see today.

New faces in and faces in new places

In this ever-changing world of technology, Amazone Ltd continues to increase its level of customer support with two new appointments. Josh Rhodes joins the company as Product Specialist and Oliver Watson takes on the role as 3C Specialist Sales Manager.

New SMS spreader setting service

Convenient and simple access to spreader setting information has always been at the heart of AMAZONE's FertilserService. The new spreader settings SMS service is designed to improve access to that crucial information during the busy spring spreading season.

CerealsLIVE 2020 - the virtual tour

There was going to be much to see at this year's Cereals Event at Royston, but the current situation has put paid to doing it physically but we can still take you around the AMAZONE stand virtually

Getting the best from your EasyCheck mats

Checking the lateral distribution of the spread pattern of your AMAZONE fertiliser spreader gives you that peace of mind before you go out spreading, and that doesn’t matter if you are using materials that are in the setting chart or not. Whether you acquired the purple mats as part of this years’ 'out of season' promotion, or if you have them still in a box in the workshop unused from years gone by, then now is the time to dust them off and get out in the field with them.

The new UX Super - more than just a good boom ride

AMAZONE UX sprayers come with the ultimate package of features when it comes to agrochemical application. The UX Super comes in tank sizes of 4,600 litres, 5,600 litres and 6,600 litres actual. The narrow transport width of just 2.6 m, the drawbar suspension and shock absorbed booms in transport make it handy new to get from field to field. The new 28° steering axle gives the ultimate in manoeuvrability and the whole machine treads lightly at up to 1,500 kgs lighter than...

ZA-V now with EasySet 2

EasySet 2 offers electric shutter operation at the push of a button. No hydraulic connections are needed for the shutter actuation, but just a 12 V power connection for the in-cab terminal.

Great pre-winter offers on salt spreaders

As the nights draw in and the days shorten, it is time to start thinking about preparing for the onset of winter and the need to clear ice and snow with the Amazone Groundcare range of EK-S and E+S winter salt spreaders and top dressers.

Orchard Farm - the build

AMAZONE's new Training, Education & Research Centre project started in December 2015 with the purchase of 37 acres and a range of farm buildings. Now three years down the line and with the building of the new FARRS link road to Robin Hood Airport complete, we are left with a very impressive, multi-million pound investment by the AMAZONE Group in British farming.

Amatechnica 2019

Did you make it to our Amatechnica technical field day back in May? If so, we hope that you enjoyed the exciting mix of quality seminars, technical presentations from leading industry experts and machinery demonstrations as well as seeing the new kit to be launched this year and an impressive line-up of sprayers young and old.
The weather held up, the food was good and the new building and farm enjoyed opening its doors to you all.

The new Profihopper PH1500 gets out in the field

Following on from its public showing at IOG Saltex 2018, the new Profihopper PH1500 SmartLine is now out in the field. The Profihopper concept incorporates a clean-cutting, out-front, horizontal SmartCut flail which mows, shreds the grass stalks into manageable pieces, before depositing them into a mechanical auger transfer system. This cut material is then compacted and force fed into the high-tip collection hopper.

50 years of Amazone crop protection

It was 1969, which is now 50 years ago, when AMAZONE introduced its first crop protection sprayer. Our objective in those days was, and still is today, to constantly strive to improve the way that crop protection chemicals are applied by being innovative.

Cirrus now with Minimum TillDisc

With the Minimum TillDisc corrugated disc segment, the Cirrus gets a new special option in place of the cultivation discs. On a row spacing of 16.6 cm, the ground, the harvest residues and also any green material can be cut directly in front of the sowing coulters for a clean seed/soil contact. With the corrugated discs significantly less soil is moved than with the conventional 2-row cultivation disc segments.

iF Design Award for AmaTron 4

Amazone gets iF Design Award 2019 for AmaTron 4
A further design success for Amazone: the Amazone AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal has been awarded the coveted iF Design Award 2019. The intuitive handling and the unique, tablet style design of the terminal were picked out as being of an exemplary design in the industry.

Bigger one gets smaller

AMAZONE has widened its range of UF 02 mounted sprayers with the introduction of the new, ISOBUS compatible, UF 1602 with a nominal volume of 1,600 l and an actual volume of 1,700 l. The UF 1602 can be equipped with all Super-S2 booms from 15 m to 30 m.

New sprayer factory in Bramsche opens its doors

On November 13th, 2018, about a year after building commenced, the Amazone Group officially inaugurated its new sprayer factory in the Schleptrup industrial area near Bramsche. The new building includes assembly, dispatch and storage halls across a floor area of 16,000 m² as well as an administration building. Total investment in the project at the new site so far amounts to around 16 million Euros.

Hall Farming Ltd reap the results of going for all the whistles and bells

It was a need to cut down the amount of fertiliser wastage on the headland ins and outs that led Hall Farming Ltd, based at Thornton-le-Dale, North Yorkshire, to start looking at a new spreader. The farm, which is on the edge of the North Yorkshire National Park and is half in and half out of a NVZ, covers around 1,600 acres of arable spread over about a 3 mile radius as well as breeding and finishing pigs through to market.

Even after the end of the Civil War, battles still rage on at the 16th fairway at Ormskirk G.C

Situated on the edge of the historic market town of Ormskirk and just 10 miles outside Southport, Ormskirk Golf Club was founded in 1899 and is set in 125 acres of mature parkland that once made up Lathom Park, the history of which goes back to the Civil War. In fact, the crescent shaped hollow on the left of the 16th hole is reputed to have been an emplacement for a battery of Cromwell's forces which attacked Lathom House in 1644.

Work starts on the new factory at Bramsche

In the Schleptrup industrial area near Bramsche, Amazonen-Werke has started on the build of its new production facility. The official initiation took place on August 31st, 2017 with a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony. Even though the rain poured down, it did not spoil the enthusiasm and amongst the guests present was County Commissioner for Osnabrück district, Dr. Michael Lübbersmann as well as Heiner Pahlmann, Town Mayor of Bramsche.

AMAZONE Groundcare announce new multi-purpose spreaders

The AMAZONE E+S single-disc spreader has always been at the forefront when it comes to flexibility. The steep-walled hopper ensures that all types of spreading material will flow making the spreaders ideal, not just for winter salt application, but also giving them the ability to spread both granular fertiliser as well as sand and top-dressing materials onto sports pitches and golf courses.

The Dynamic Duo seen out spreading in east Devon

On the basis of some excellent results achieved since the purchase of their mounted ZA-TS in 2015, Stuart Partners Ltd of Clyst St. Mary, Exeter made the decision to go large for the 2017 spreading season by taking delivery of a 8,200 litre trailed ZG-TS supplied by local Amazone dealer Mason Kings. The new beast was brought in to replace their 24m pneumatic boom spreader.

High Laning Caravan & Camping Site benefits enormously from a Profihopper

'It’s marvellous', says Margaret about the Amazone Profihopper 4WDi at High Laning
That feeling of wanting to do the best job possible is self-evident when pulling into the High Laning Caravan & Camping Site in Dent where Margaret and Jim Taylor have certainly built up a warm and welcoming family business that runs alongside the family farm and a holiday let.

Catros & Cenius combo improve trafficability on Shropshire farm

It is now five and a half years ago since Gerry and Rachel Mee left the family farming partnership in Peterborough to form G & R Mee Partners, Charity Farm, Burlton, Shropshire. The business, which also includes three luxury holiday cottages, currently farms 750 acres of land across three main soil types: heavy clay, Newport sand, and peat. The cropping is all arable except for a few acres let out to potatoes each year and 90 acres which are being set aside for solar...

Shallow min-till cultivation plots cut the mustard yet again

A settled spell of good weather enabled AMAZONE’s establishment trial plots at Tickhill, which this year were in second wheat, to be put through the plot combine. Our thanks again go to NIAB TAG for their cooperation in the harvesting and results analysis..

Groundkeeper keeps Guards Polo Club in mint condition

The Guards Polo Club, which is based at Smiths Lawn, Windsor Great Park has ten polo pitches across 53 hectares and then, four miles away at Flemish Farm, there are more pitches plus stables, paddocks and training facilities in support.

Time to mow and mow but don't drop

It is that time of year when the grass is growing faster than you can get round with the mower, the heady mix of sunshine, high air temperatures and regular rainfall make for ideal grass growing conditions so its mow, mow, mow for the time being. But, to be fair, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to mowing habits.

Airstar Progress radically improves the look of family farm

Tim and Ann Vasey farm in partnership at Gritts Farm, Weaverthorpe, Malton and the land, which has been in the Vasey family for three generations, comprises of 190 ha of rolling Yorkshire wold land starting at 60m or so above sea level at the farmstead but rising to 120 m in just a couple of fields. Rainfall is a typical 800 mm distributed adequately throughout the year and the soil type is Andover Series chalk giving it, not only good drainage characteristics, but also...

Individual nozzle shut-off comes to mounted sprayers as well as trailed and self-propelled models

Many crop protection sprayers on the market still feature the common part-width section control via a central valve chest. Often here the width of each part-width section is 3 – 5 m. When utilising a part-width shut-off system that is manually actuated by the driver, having smaller part-width sections, due to the lack of accuracy of the switch points, does not make sense.

Cirrus 4003-2C ISOBUS trailed drills come now with fertiliser option

The increasing trend towards applying fertiliser, particularly phosphate, down the spout when seeding has led to a demand for both trailed passive cultivator drills and tine seeders with a fertiliser option in England. These systems are working alongside the more traditional power harrow/drill combination approach seen north of the border for sowing spring barley together with a NPK fertiliser.

Cenius Super mounted mulch cultivators get the C-Mix tines

Designated as the 03 series, the 3rd generation of the proven Cenius Super mounted mulch cultivator now gets the new C-Mix integrated stone safety system. The three stagger Cenius mulch cultivator offers a wide scope of application from shallow stubble tillage right through to top soil deep loosening.

Cayron 200VS - 100: the new stone release plough

Following on from the successful introduction of the Cayron shear bolt ploughs at Cereals 2014, the new hydraulic auto-reset plough will make its debut this year at Chrishall Grange. The 240 hp headstock, 100 cm point to point and 83 cm under-beam clearance are brought over from the standard plough to maintain its ability to cope with excessive amounts of surface trash, as is its unique feature of pulling true at any furrow width.

A Groundkeeper is for life, not just for Christmas

It is now nearly a year ago since we threw down the gauntlet and asked you to find us Britain’s oldest working Groundkeeper. We have been searching high and low in machinery sheds across the British Isles: on every golf course, once on an RAF base, in grass-cutting contractor yards, private houses and within local authorities.

The earth moves at Wicks Manor

Farming heavy ground is not easy when it comes to autumn cereal establishment, especially these days where tight wheat/rape crop rotations and a swift turnaround between crops are increasingly under scrutiny in a bid to improve grass weed control. Work it too deep too early and the risk is drying out and a cloddy seedbed with poor pre-emergence spray efficacy or, at the opposite extreme, you can be left with several inches of surface pudding which can be difficult to get...

SectionControl - is it what its shut-off to be?

The cost of mineral fertiliser inputs has stayed stubbornly high in respect to falling commodity prices and so growers are increasingly looking for ways of maximising their use, for example, by the adoption of variable rate application maps, predominantly for P & Ks, but also now with Nitrogen as well through the use of satellite imagery, on-line sensor systems or deep soil core testing.

ZA-V now in 2600 litre capacity

The ZA-V spreader range has been extended with a 2600 litre base hopper plus some additional hopper extensions
With the ZA-V 2600 Amazone has supplemented its ZA-V fertiliser spreader range by a new model with a hopper capacity of 2,600 litres. So, the full range now encompasses seven models with hopper volumes from 1,700 right through to 4,200 litres.

Machine of the Year: the Amazone ZA-TS fertiliser spreader

The new Amazone ZA-TS fertiliser spreader with Argus Twin now carries the title "Machine of the year 2016". This title is bestowed on machines worthy of this Special Innovation Award. The official presentation by the agricultural editors of the dlv (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsverlag) took place on 10th November, 2015 at the Agritechnica Show in Hanover.

DLG Image Barometer 2015: top rating for Amazone

In the latest DLG Image Barometer 2015, Amazone came out again superbly well. With an overall score of 52 points, the company took 4th place against all agricultural machinery manufacturers who are represented in Germany. The first three positions were filled by the companies Fendt (60 points) and Claas and John Deere with each 54 points.

Double-U packer carries the weight of a cultivator on its profile

With the DUW 580 Double-U profile roller, Amazone has extended its range of following rollers for either the Certos TX heavy compact disc harrow and the Cenius TX mulch cultivator further still . The specific feature of this roller is the open-profile 580 mm diameter U rings which become filled with soil during operation and because of this adhering soil in the U profiles, a good soil to soil contact with the soil surface to be reconsolidated results so that roller slip...

Drilling with a starter fertiliser helps root development

Fertiliser down the spout with the seed may be the way forward for autumn sown cereals

Soil nutrient levels have been subject to much discussion and these days more than ever is known about the status of field indices due to the increasing practice of soil sampling and so individual decisions regarding fertiliser usage can be made, not just on a field by field, but on a zone by zone basis across the farm depending on the crop being grown and the intended market for it;

Is this the oldest Groundkeeper still working?

Having put the feelers out to see if we could find the oldest working Groundkeeper in Britain - and to give its owner a new one free of charge for the privilege - our travels have taken us to Herefordshire. With wonderful views across to the River Teme and towards the Welsh border in a village not far north of Wigmore, we came across an old original red painted LG 120 serial no. 1565.

Whisky galore

Like a good 12 year old malt, and although not themselves matured in sherry infused barrels, the landscaping business of John A. Morrison has nevertheless still nicely matured over the years into a well-oiled machine coping with the demands of customers across a 60 mile radius around its base in Keith, Banffshire. Set up in 1988 and supporting an industry that dominates Speyside, the family business offers a service that primarily looks after the needs of more than a...

Making the most out of liquid N

With the birds singing and the days beginning to get longer, thoughts are rapidly turning towards top-dressing cereals and oil seed rape. For those committed to using liquid fertiliser for the task as oppose to solid, it means an even busier time for the sprayer and sprayer operator to get over the ground. As the nitrogen content depends on the product being used – maybe a home-mixed liquid urea or propriety brand, but possibly with added sulphur - this will influence...

Sometimes you just know when a piece of kit is right.....

.. so says Bob Beard of C.R. Beard Farmers Ltd, farming near Sutton-on-Trent, Notts, who, after 14 years of use, reluctantly parted company last year with his 18 metre UF1201 Amazone sprayer for something different, in his case a 24 metre UF1201 Amazone sprayer!

Nozzles should hit the spot

With chemical costs being the biggest share of variable cost expenditure for arable farmers, it is important that the stuff is applied to the target and at the right time. Timeliness, to some degree, is driven by sprayer output and boom design is crucial to the performance of the sprayer with good contour following and stability paramount to maintaining the correct height above crop.

Amazone's ZG-TS revolutionises swede business

New trailed spreader takes over high-output fertiliser application for Tayside grower
When you have a somewhat massive pile of fertiliser sat in the shed and a lot of swedes to apply it to, some spreading tasks can seem daunting.

Seaham residents enjoy the benefits of 'Cut & Collect'

After starting work as an apprentice with Seaham Town Council some 20 years ago, Dan Cahill has recently taken on the role as Operations Manager for the Parks Department. ‘Parks’ may sound simple but Dan’s departmental remit covers two cricket fields, two football pitches, two cemeteries, three major recreational areas plus various other green spaces.

Conventional tillage - the way forward?

Conventional or conservation tillage – does getting off to a clean start pay off?

To plough or not to plough, this is the question that many are asking as that time of year heads again towards bare stubbles. With your soil being your most valuable asset on the farm we look at some of the pros and cons of the differing tillage systems.

Put some structure back into seedbeds

There is now time, in the run up to harvest, to contemplate those bits of soil husbandry that have been needing attention. Following on from a wet winter some land drains will have been running, hopefully, for the first time in a year or two? If not then the first port of call might be to look at ditch levels, are they sufficiently low enough so not to cover the outlets and, if so, then some remedial work with the digger needs to be planned after harvest.

Profihopper cleans out Pollok Golf Club

Founded in 1892, Pollok Golf Club which is situated on the outskirts of Glasgow, has earned an International reputation of being one of the best manicured and maintained inland courses in Scotland. However, after a few difficult autumns, where wet weather and the onset of an early winter had hampered scarifying operations, head greenkeeper Duncan MacLeod had to look at solutions other than a conventional major ‘rake out’ once a year. ‘