Each ISOBUS-enabled machine from AMAZONE comes with the latest technology and almost unlimited possibilities. It makes no difference whether you use an operator terminal from AMAZONE or an ISOBUS terminal fitted directly in the tractor. ISOBUS is an internationally recognised standard for communication between the operator terminal, tractors and connected implements on the one hand and Farm Management Information Systems on the other.

Software licences

To meet all requirements, AMAZONE offers various fee-based software licences for AmaTron 4. The GPS-Switch basic or GPS-Switch pro, GPS-Track and AmaCam applications are already preinstalled, meaning that no additional software is required. They can be tested free of charge for up to 50 hours (AmaCam 10 hours). The GPS-Maps&Doc function is free of charge for you.

Data management

The Task Controller of the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal enables data management across all machines from data recording to data exchange with a Farm Management Information System. The agrirouter and the myAmaRouter App enable data to be securely and comfortably exchanged online between AMAZONE machines and agricultural software applications.


To facilitate digital control of machine functions via mobile devices, AMAZONE offers various Apps such as the mySpreader App for fertiliser spreaders and the mySprayer App für crop protection sprayers. The AmaTron Twin App as well as the myAmaRouter App offer added value for operating comfort and online data exchange in conjunction with AmaTron 4.