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With the new Spreader Application Center AMAZONE continues to expand still further its level of customer service in time for the 25th anniversary of its FertiliserService. In addition to the already established areas – such as the fertiliser laboratory and spreading hall – the Spreader Application Center now also includes the areas “Test and Training”, “Data Management” and the associated “Knowledge Transfer”. The last two being added to respond to the increasing globalisation and digitalisation of agriculture. The aim of the new Spreader Application Center is to offer the customer an even better service concerning fertilising solutions.

Fertiliser data base

When utilising high class centrifugal fertiliser broadcasters farmers and agricultural contractors require the availability of precise information about an optimum machine setting. Therefore, comprehensive setting charts, easy to handle measuring and calibration device and the fertiliser service by phone are granted by AMAZONE.

Via the internet every user of AMAZONE fertiliser spreaders can query the machine setting depending on the implement type, working width and kind of fertiliser. The web server makes use of the existing data base. The advantage of this easily operated online query is that new measuring results and kinds of fertiliser can immediately be considered. Moreover, the farmer or agricultural contractor can check at any time whether his setting chart is still up to date.

Laboratory Tests


In addition to the test hall AMAZONE offers the fertilising service: Our fertiliser spreader customers will get advice by phone in difficult fertiliser queries. In most of the cases the fertiliser data base offers the suitable setting recommendations. If the relevant fertiliser is not listed in the data base a laboratory test on the basis of a 5 kg sample will provide you with the correct setting recommendations. Download of the service card.  

You can contact our FertiliserService from Monday till Friday from 8.00 - 17.00

Mobile Service

For checking centrifugal fertiliser spreaders under operational conditions the tray test kit or EasyCheck are available. Special factors of influence of the farm and the state of technology are considered. Experienced employees can be asked for together with the test kits. In addition a maintenance service is possible.

Spreading hall


The Spreading hall within the Spreader Application Center is the central ‘core’ for research, development and the series production support for AMAZONE.

If a new spreading material is needed to be included in the spreading chart, it is tested in the spreading hall. In order to be able to update our customers in plenty of time regarding new spreading materials by providing reliable setting recommendations, the Spreader Application Center, moreover, is in close contact with fertiliser manufacturers. 

Test and Training


The trend towards constantly increasing working widths and, at the same time, even more precise lateral distribution, requires the necessity to react across a wide range of operational conditions.

Therefore, with the areas “Test and Training” we have created a protocol where spreading tests are carried out under real conditions. In addition, this protocol offers the possibility to train still further, customer service staff and other specialists in the operation of the fertiliser spreader and the fertiliser used.

Data management and knowledge transfer


When compiling our spreading charts and setting recommen-dations, the latest data processing, simulation and analysis tools are utilised. Again, all the information can be incorpo-rated in the development of new machines and systems. The weigh cells utilised in the spreading hall, moreover, enable the analysis of every spreading test, not only regarding its lateral distribution, but also the spatial distribution of the fertiliser.

This enables us today, by using further advanced measuring technology and technical developments such as, for example, ArgusTwin, to evaluate the information in such a way that spreading tests can be simulated and optimised via the PC.

AMAZONE FertiliserService

As one of the largest fertiliser spreader manufacturers in Europe, AMAZONEN-WERKE constantly strives to provide farmers with high-precision machines for the best possible work results while taking environmental protection into account. A new fertiliser spreader testing hall has been available for research and development since the end of 2009. Among other things, basic tests are carried out here on a wide variety of samples. Computer-aided simulations are used to analyse the results. The setting values for the fertiliser chart are also determined here with the help of spreading tests.

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