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Meeting challenges with intelligent solutions

AMAZONE wishes to make a decisive contribution to digitalisation and help our customers to secure their future with innovative technologies. We therefore combine our digital expertise under the keyword AMAZONE 4.0 and look to provide farmers and contractors with optimum solutions for precision farming.

AMAZONE 4.0 - The right digital solution for intelligent crop production

AMAZONE has always pursued the goal of being able to offer our customers digital technologies which ensure optimum crop development with secure yields and quality whilst at the same time reducing the use of plant protection agents and fertilisers. AMAZONE 4.0 is therefore a keyword for customer-oriented, digital solutions which enable intelligent crop production.

ISOBUS machine actuation from AMAZONE

What does an ISOBUS system consist of? A modern ISOBUS system consists of various components, including the tractor, terminal and implement. It always depends on what the terminal and implement are capable of – and last but not least, which equipment options have been installed. Functions have been defined for the sake of clarity.

Intelligent machine technology from AMAZONE

Examples from
- Fertilisation
- Crop protection technology
- Hoeing technology
- Sowing technology and soil tillage

Digital service offers

The digital services offered by AMAZONE include the myAMAZONE for farmer portal, SmartService 4.0 and the FertiliserService. They provided farmers or contractors with optimum support in obtaining information on their machines.

The benefits for your farm

An important pillar in successful arable farming is the exploitation of the possible yield potential of farmland. The potentials can vary greatly within a field. These differences must be identified through small-scale analysis, e.g. soil sampling and yield maps, and reacted to with part-area, site-specific sowing, fertilisation and crop protection measures.

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