The shallow Duo

Das flache Duo (1) Cenius_d0_TZ_Flachstriegel_d1_170928

The double harrow and duckfoot shares are the ideal combination for mechanical weed control and shallow soil tillage. Any capping of the upper 1 to 2 cm of the surface, for instance after rain, is broken up and thus the soil is aerated. Weed and disease carryover is improved because the double tine harrow leaves the grown weeds on the soil surface which then dry out. In this way, any impairment in the crop growth is minimised and the application of crop protection agents is reduced accordingly. 

Why work shallow?

  • The soil is loosened near to the surface so that the aeration of the soil, and thus the root growth, is increased 
  • A higher activity of the micro-organisms is promoted and thus nutrients are mobilised 
  • Minimising any evaporation of water in the soil 

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