Tyre size

Reifengröße (4) Teres300VS_Deutz_d0_kw_P8177276_d1_220204

The various tyre sizes mean that the support wheel can be optimally adapted to the practical requirements.

Reifengröße (1) Rad_Pflug_AW702_10_75-15.3_d0_kw_P5252490_d1_220321
Tyre size: 10/75-15.3
Reifengröße (2) Rad_Pflug_AW702_340_55-16_d0_kw_P5252492_d1_220321
Tyre size: 340/55-16

Reifengröße (3) Rad_Pflug_AS504_10_75-15.3_d0_kw_P5252491_d1_220321
Tyre size: 10/75-15

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