Rotamix and Quick+Safe system: The optimum combination for your rotary harrow

Rotamix und Quick+Safe-System (1) KE02_DirectDrive.193_d1_210621

The Rotamix system – close-coupled, compact and robust

The KE 02 has 4 tine carriers per metre of working width. The incoming power is evenly distributed across these rotors. The trailing tines produce an excellent crumb structure and level the soil surface perfectly. The new KE 02, equipped with the Rotamix system, demonstrates its advantages primarily on heavy ground and is ideal for optimum seedbed preparation, especially after the plough.

The 4 tine carriers per metre of working width enables a small spur gear diameter. As a result, it makes a very compact design of the rotary harrow trough possible.

The short design of the rotary harrow reduces the leverage effect on the tractor. This means any harrow-mounted seed drill is positioned very close to the tractor when used in combination. The lift power requirement is lower than that of other rotary harrows, which also makes a positive impact on the need for front ballasting.

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