Contractual conditions concerning the manufacturer guarantee against rusting through for the model series, ZA-TS, ZA-V and ZG-TS which fall within the contractual warranty period from 01/01/2023.

Visual, superficial defects caused by corrosion are excluded from the manufacturer guarantee against rusting through, even if they cover large areas. The manufacturer guarantee against rusting through can only be invoked during the first 12 months and after acceptance by us. The manufacturer guarantee period against perforation corrosion shall commence the first time the spreader is used.

After use, the AMAZONE machine must be cleaned thoroughly and protected. Outside the period of use, it must be parked in premises that preserve it and protect it from the weather. The machine must be stored away for the winter according to the specifications of the operating instructions.

The manufacturer guarantee against rusting through shall come into force if:

  1. any corrosion that has occurred has reached a level that causes severe weakening of the frame structure and/or the hopper, or complete rusting through.
  2. the machine constitutes a hazard to road safety and the machine’s operator.
  3. the machine’s functionality can no longer be guaranteed due to corrosion damage on the machine’s metal structure.

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