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Tronic – mechanischer Antrieb (1) Tronic – ZA-TS_mech_d2_20181102

The spreading disc drive – Mechanical or hydraulic, choose for yourself!

Tronic – mechanical spreading disc drive

The spreading unit is driven via the PTO shaft on the Tronic version. In this case, the spreader is protected from overload, as standard, by a universal drive shaft with friction coupling. The input speed from the tractor PTO is transmitted via the central gearbox resulting in an increased spreading disc speed. This allows fertilisation at low engine revs across the maximum working width.

With the mechanically-driven spreaders, either 8 or 16 part-width sections are switchable, depending on the operator terminal.

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Hydro – hydraulic spreading disc drive

The Hydro version makes operation possible irrespective of the tractor’s engine revs and with different spreading disc speeds. In this way, fuel is saved and a particularly comfortable and precise spreading is ensured. The spreader also operates at various different spreading disc speeds when border spreading, so that the best-possible lateral distribution can be achieved in the overlap area and to the field boundary.

  • The side-independent regulation of the spreading disc speed permits even more precise spreading on wedge-shaped fields. Up to 128 part-width sections are possible in combination with Section Control.
  • With a pressure filter as standard

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The TS spreading system – Perfection in every component, just like clockwork

Characteristics of the TS spreading system

Delivery system adjustment of the TS spreading system 
1) Intelligent agitator for maximum fertiliser protection 
2) Electric setting motor for rotating the delivery system
3) Delivery system for implementing the Section Control, HeadlandControl, WindControl, ArgusTwin functions
4) Electric setting motor for precise fertiliser metering with application rates from 3 kg/min to 650 kg/min

Bottom assembly of the TS spreading system
5) Electric setting motor for adjusting the carrier vane
6) AutoTS gearbox, the heart of the integrated border spreading system
7) Comfortable changeover between border and normal spreading by moving the carrier vane
8) Short spreading vane for side, border and water course spreading
9) Long normal spreading vane for high throwing widths and double overlap, even at a working width of 36 m

Das TS-Streuwerk – Perfektion in jeder Komponente, wie ein Uhrwerk (2) Streuer_ZA-TS_Scheibe_Detail.1644_CMS

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Soft Ballistic System pro – for extremely gentle treatment of the fertiliser

4 decisive advantages with SBS pro

Mineral fertilisers require particularly gentle treatment to ensure precise distribution and transport out to the crop over the total working width. Fertiliser, which has been damaged whilst going through the spreader, will not be precisely distributed.

As a safety feature, AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System pro is integrated as standard. The agitator, metering components and spreading discs are optimally tailored to each other. This protects the fertiliser and secures your yields.

  1. Gentle guidance:
    The electrically driven star agitators in the hopper bottoms ensure an even fertiliser delivery onto the spreading discs. The slowly rotating, star shaped segments of the agitator evenly deliver the fertiliser to the relevant outlet opening. When the delivery system is adjusted, the agitator star rotates as well so that it is always perfectly positioned above the aperture. The agitator switches off automatically when the shutter slide is closed.
  2. Gentle delivery:
    Due to the delivery system, adjustment to the throwing width and throwing direction can be regulated. In addition, the working width can be adjusted each side individually by changing the disc speed. The fertiliser is fed on centrally at a low peripheral speed resulting in little fertiliser damage. The concentric delivery system adjustment results always in a gentle handling of the fertiliser.
  3. Gentle acceleration:
    With a standard disc speed from 600 rpm up to 900 rpm, the AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System pro gently accelerates the fertiliser. Even fertiliser types with minimal breaking strength maintain their spreading properties and provide a clean, even spread pattern.
  4. Gentle ejection:
    With the aid of the AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System, the fertiliser is provided with the energy required for the optimum trajectory and a precise spread pattern. So, the spreading vanes are optimally adjusted to a laid-back position.
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The agitator – soft-handling and gentle

The basic function of the agitator is to convey the fertiliser actively towards the outlet aperture so that a constant rate of fertiliser can be applied. Fertiliser lumps, which manage to pass the sieve, are, especially at low application rates, actively broken up via the star agitator which runs in the hopper bottom. If foreign objects reach the hopper tip and the agitator is overloaded, the electric motor reverses automatically in combination with the respective shutter and clears the fault. The perfect interplay of agitator and shutter is evident on the headland and in wedge shaped fields. As soon as one metering aperture is completely closed, the agitator above stops automatically. In this way the valuable fertiliser is protected from being ground up.

The benefits of electric agitation

  • two slow-running, fertiliser-protecting agitators; turning at just 60 rpm
  • that switch off automatically as soon as the shutter slide is closed, also just to the one side and independently of each other
  • that reverse automatically when blocked by a foreign object
  • active delivery of the fertiliser flow to the aperture

Das Rührwerk (1) ZA-TS_Sternruehrwerk_d2_150122

"A 12V motor drives the agitator which rotates at 60 rpm. It switches off when the shutter is closed and it reverses as soon as a foreign object blocks the agitator."
(dlz agrar magazine – Long term test of ZA-TS 3200 Profis Hydro · 02/2017)

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The AMAZONE delivery system – for first-class spreading results

Concentric delivery system adjustment

The delivery system swivels around the centre of the disc

The fertiliser is mainly deposited, via the delivery system, and thus in as gentle a manner as possible, at the centre-point of the spreading discs. The circumferential speeds are low at this point on the discs, and the fertiliser is handled very gently. For setting the spreading unit to different working widths and different types of fertiliser, the delivery system is swivelled (concentrically) around the centre of the discs. The distance between the feed-on point of the fertiliser and the centre of the disc always remains the same.

The swivelling of the delivery system offers a wide bandwidth of possible working widths. The range of 15 m to 54 m working width is covered by just three sets of spreading vanes.

All TS spreading systems with electric delivery system adjustment are suitable for the ArgusTwin spread pattern monitoring system.

Das AMAZONE Einleitsystem (1) TS_Streuwerk_vorn_d2_130729
Electric delivery system adjustment

Das AMAZONE Einleitsystem (2) ZA-TS_Detail_003_d1_150109
Mechanical delivery system adjustment

Ultraquick and precise! Electric setting motors

A spreader which, due to the high application rates and operational speeds possible, explores new dimensions in terms of work rates and which, of course, needs to perform extremely precisely at the same time, requires setting motors that function extremely quickly and exactly. Especially in applications, such as the automatic on/off switching at the headland or in wedge-shaped fields, spreading using application maps or with the continuous on-board monitoring (ArgusTwin and WindControl), the setting motors ensure the highest level demands are met.

Clean transfer – The brush unit

Saubere Übergabe (1) ZA-TS_Buersteneinheit_d2_130110
Brush unit for a clean delivery onto the spreading discs

The bristles of the brushes which are fitted directly to the outlet apertures reach to the upper edge of the spreading vanes so that the fertiliser is safely delivered onto the disc.

Quantity effect-free metering aperture

If it is intended to spread a constant application rate it is necessary to match the size of the aperture to the prevailing forward speed. Thanks to the shutter slide, this task is fulfilled very quickly and sensitively. Due to the kidney-shaped design of the metering aperture, the spread pattern remains unchanged and precise, even at varying forward speeds so that the position of the delivery system does not require any adjustment.

Mengeneffektfreie Dosieröffnung (1) ZA-TS_Details_Streuwerk_d0_kw_PA019309_d2_20181105
Stage 1: Hopper aperture slightly open

Mengeneffektfreie Dosieröffnung (2) ZA-TS_Details_Streuwerk_d0_kw_PA019310_d2_20181105
Stage 2: Hopper aperture half open

Mengeneffektfreie Dosieröffnung (3) ZA-TS_Details_Streuwerk_d0_kw_PA019311_d2_20181105
Stage 3: Hopper aperture wide open

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The TS spreading discs: For the utmost precision at all spreading widths up to 54 m

Spreading system made from stainless steel – For a long service life


On the TS spreaders, the entire spreading system is made from stainless steel providing a long service life.

The different spreading vane sets can be quickly and easily exchanged using an interchangeable system. The perfect solution, e.g. for agricultural contractors.

Between normal spreading and border spreading, different spreading vanes are activated via the so-called AutoTS system without the necessity to change spreading disc settings.

Hard-metal-coated spreading vanes

The spreading vanes are coated with a special long-lasting anti-wear protection. Consequently, the result is a three-fold increase in lifespan.

Optimum working width ranges of the spreading vane sets, depending on the fertiliser being spread: 

  • TS 10 = 15 m – max. 27 m 
  • TS 20 = 21 m – max. 33 m 
  • TS 30 = 24 m – max. 54 m

Die TS-Streuscheiben (1) Arbeitsbreitenbereiche der Streuschaufelsätze

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Optimiertes Streubild (1) Illu_ZA-TS_Normalstreuen_20221011_

Optimised spread pattern

Normal spreading
Via the adjustment of the delivery system, the feed-on point of the spreading material on to the spreading disc is changed and thus the spreading width and the lateral distribution are controlled. In addition, the working width can be set even more individually by changing the disc speed.

Non-sensitive spread pattern via the multi-sectional spread fan

Three-dimensional spread pattern
The specific shape and angling of the spreading vanes result in a multi-spread fan from the TS spreader unit. This means that the pattern of the fertiliser from the long and short spreading vanes do not influence each other and so an optimum trajectory is maintained.

Three-dimensional spread pattern

The spreading unit has been developed using three-dimensional spread patterns so that a perfect lateral distribution of up to 54 m working widths is achieved. The large overlap zones ensure a perfect spread pattern and are significantly more consistent with regard to any the external influences such as a side wind, change in topography, humidity and changing fertiliser qualities.

Dreidimensionales Streubild (1)
Lateral distribution and throwing width

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Spread pattern simulator

The spread pattern simulator gives an intuitive introduction to how a fertiliser spreader works. Optimal settings for a variety of combinations of fertilisers and working widths can be clearly displayed and the influence that wind and fertiliser quality have also shown. Try it for yourself…

Precision in mineral fertiliser application

Amazone offers ever more efficient and precise machines and processes, so that the agricultural sector can retain its competitiveness and future viability and operate more sustainably at the same time.

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