ProfisPro weighing system with torque measuring

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The ProfisPro intelligent weighing system combines the benefits of the weighing system with the FlowControl torque measuring system

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The spread rate regulation between the Profis weighing system and the FlowControl sensors is a unique selling feature for AMAZONE.

ProfisPro for Tronic and Hydro 
The intelligent ProfisPro weighing system is available for both the Tronic version with mechanical drive, and the Hydro version with hydraulic drive.

Rate calibration completely thought through: ProfisPro

The correlation between application rates and the torque generated at the spreading disc at different working widths has been determined for all types of fertiliser on the basis of numerous spreading tests. Put simply: low application rates generate less torque on the disc than higher rates.

FlowControl reliably monitors the torque on each spreading disc drive independently and can immediately adjust the position of the application rate shutters in the event of a deviation from the target rate.

In addition, the driver has an overview of the actual quantity remaining in the hopper at all times as well as the possibility to display the remaining travelling distance until empty.

Optimised spread rate from the very first second

This combination of weighing system and FlowControl enables the fertiliser spreader to use torque in order to regulate its theoretical application rate over the complete spreading process. The Profis weighing system monitors the actual spread rate every 25 kg. This allows FlowControl to recalibrate itself at regular intervals. This takes place without any need to stop. The ProfisPro intelligent weighing system means that the spread rate is optimised from the very first second of the spreading process.

The benefits

Absolute precision from the very first second 

  • Simultaneous regulation via the weighing system and torque measurement 
  • Calibration and regulation of application rate in all field situations (border spreading/SectionControl)

Exact application rate in any field situation 

  • Regulation of the shutter slides, even when using application maps, independent of which side 

Reliable application down to the last kilogram 

  • Detection of empty runs and blockages 
  • Absolute weight recognition using the weighing system

Spread pattern simulator

The spread pattern simulator gives an intuitive introduction to how a fertiliser spreader works. Optimal settings for a variety of combinations of fertilisers and working widths can be clearly displayed and the influence that wind and fertiliser quality have also shown. Try it for yourself…

Precision in mineral fertiliser application

Amazone offers ever more efficient and precise machines and processes, so that the agricultural sector can retain its competitiveness and future viability and operate more sustainably at the same time.

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SmartLearning - EasyCheck

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