The calibration concept

Das Kalibrierkonzept (1) Cataya3000special_KE3001super_d0_kw_IMG_6844_d1_170825_CMS

The calibration trays, directly positioned under the seed hopper, can both be removed from the left hand side via the SmartCenter. Thanks to the two-part calibration trays the decanting into the provided folding bucket is done quickly, simply and comfortably. After the calibration process the calibration trays are simply turned into the storage position with their opening facing downwards.

The digital weighing scales provided as standard enable the exact weighing of the calibrated seed. Thanks to the additional storage space in the SmartCenter of Cataya Super for the standardly-supplied equipment, such as the folding bucket and the digital scales, these are safely stored and immediately at hand. With the Cataya Special, the folding bucket and the digital scales are conveniently stored in the hopper lid.

“The Cataya sets new standards in calibration and adjustment. Here, two aspects have to be especially positively emphasised. For all manual adjustments, the already mentioned 19 mm spanner fits everything – calibration and the adjustment of coulter pressure, sowing depth and harrow heights – is comfortably carried out at the left hand machine side – great.“
(“profi” Practice test with the Cataya 3000 Super till and drill combination · 07/2018)

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