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TwinTeC-special-Schar (3)

TwinTeC-special-Schar (1)
TwinTeC special double disc coulter
With the TwinTeC special coulter for the Cataya Special, the harrow-mounted conventional seed drill offers the ideal coulter for light and medium soils at speeds of up to 8 km/h. At a coulter pressure of up to 40 kg/coulter, the coulter travels very smoothly through the soil and places the seed precisely and reliably.

Benefits of the TwinTeC special coulter 

  • Reduced lifting force as a result of the lightweight design 
  • Better handling on the road and in the field as a result of its compact design 
  • Good soil-seed contact provided by trailing depth guidance roller 
  • Perfect depth control and simple setting as a result of trailing depth guidance roller 
  • Cost-sensitive alternative to the TwinTeC double disc coulter 
  • Simple operation and straightforward maintenance

Easy manual adjustment

TwinTeC-special-Schar (2)
Simple setting of the placement depth on the right and left at the rear of the Cataya Special
In order to ensure that the placement depth of each individual TwinTeC special coulter is retained, there is a Control 50 depth guidance roller behind each double disc coulter to ensure precise depth control. Setting of the placement depth is carried out by two spindles on the right and left around the back of the Cataya Special. The placement depth can be infinitely-variably adjusted in each case, depending on the position of the depth guidance roller.

Infinitely-variable setting range: 

  • Lower position of depth guidance roller: 1 to 4.5 cm 
  • Upper position of depth guidance roller: 2.5 to 6 cm

Setting the coulter pressure is carried out centrally via a spindle in the middle at the back of the Cataya Special.

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