WS suffolk coulter – A robust and accurate plough-based coulter for all D9 mounted seed drills

The WS Suffolk coulter is particularly well-suited to seeding after the plough or if there is only a little straw, for example, after harvesting oil seed rape or turnips. The cast material of the coulter tip has an exceptionally long service life. For larger farms with hardwearing soils, a quick coulter tip change, when replacement is necessary, is possible by removing just one bolt.

The 3-row layout and the large coulter stagger prevent blockages in amongst the coulters. A funnel in the coulter guides the seed precisely down into the coulter tip. The back-up flap prevents the coulter outlet from being blocked when the machine is set down.

Depending on the machine model, a row spacing from 12.0 cm or 16.6 cm is available (see technical data).

1) Back-up flap
2) Hard cast tip

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