WS suffolk coulter – A robust and accurate plough-based coulter for all D9 mounted seed drills

Robust und präzise (1) Schlepp-Schar

The WS Suffolk coulter is particularly well-suited to seeding after the plough or if there is only a little straw, for example, after harvesting oil seed rape or turnips. The cast material in the coulter point has an exceptionally long service life. Worn coulter points can be replaced by releasing just a single screw in the case of large-scale operations with particularly aggressive soils.

The 3-row layout and the large coulter stagger prevent blockages in the coulter area. A funnel in the coulter guides the seed precisely behind the coulter tip. The back-up flap prevents the coulter outlet from being blocked when the machine is set down.

Depending on the machine model, a row spacing from 12.0 cm or 16.6 cm is available (see technical data).

1) Back-up flap
2) Hard cast tip

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