Alexander Kutilin, OOO "Geya" (Zelinniy, Verkh-Marushka, Altayskiy Krai)

Alexander Kutilin, OOO „Geja“ (1) Alexander_Kutilin_Geja_d1_210201

“Wheat, peas, soya, buckwheat, rape, barley, oats and lentils are grown on our seed farm on an area of 8,000 ha. We have been using Primera DMC seed drills since 2009, and they are the only machines used to sow these crops. Three of these seed drills are enough to meet all of our needs these days.

We have completely dispensed with ploughing. We use shallow soil tillage and direct sowing across the entire area. Nowadays, many farms in Altayskiy Kraj which focus on increasing yields are converting to minimum and direct seeding methods. The AMAZONE machines are perfect for this.

The Primera DMC seed drills are ideally suited to our conditions: Firstly, this is a universal machine which works independently of soil tillage - from minimal to conventional tillage with the plough. Secondly, the seed drill provides an optimum seedbed. Precise sowing with minimal soil destruction and water retention in the seed layer ensures good, uniform field emergence. Thirdly, the seed rate can be quickly adjusted - which is important for the tractor driver and determines the high work rate: We sow 120 ha of buckwheat, 90 ha of peas or 100 ha of wheat with the Primera DMC in one day. That's an average of about 10 ha per hour.

We have been using the special Fertiliser Delivery Cart in combination with the Primera DMC since 2019. This enables the liquid fertiliser to be precisely and reliably applied at the same time as the seed. This combination is used to carry out sowing and starter liquid fertilisation in a single pass. In addition, the combination of a Primera DMC seed drill with its own granular fertiliser tank and the Fertiliser Delivery Cart can be used for the simultaneous application of liquid fertiliser and granulated mineral fertiliser.

I would also like to say that the use of the Primera DMC seed drill pays off in full when growing different crops - we have been following the trend of increasing yields for several years now, even though the soil and climate conditions in our region are not ideal."

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