Automatic coulter pressure adjustment on the basis of application maps

Automatische Schardruckregelung nach Applikationskarte (1) Cirrus_6003-2_TwinTec_Claas_d0_lg_3089_d1_170117_CMS

The same placement depth in all soil types

Apart from application maps for sowing and fertilisation, the coulter pressure on the Cirrus can also be adjusted via application maps.

Arable soils may be highly heterogeneous even on an area of just a few square metres. AMAZONE offers the option of automatic coulter pressure adjustment, in order to adapt to these varying conditions in the best way possible and create the best growing conditions for the plants. The prerequisite for this is the TwinTeC plus coulter.

In addition to the sowing and fertiliser maps, a soil map can be created in the farm management system which can be loaded into the ISOBUS terminal within a very short time. The coulter pressure is automatically adjusted to the various soil zones in the soil map while the machine is in use in the field.

Up to 4 different application maps can be run at the same time with the AMAZONE AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal. Apart from the soil maps, work can therefore also be carried out with several sowing and fertiliser maps without any problems.

The automatic coulter pressure regulation not only provides the optimum sowing depth at all times, it also makes the work much easier for the driver. This is a great help, especially during night shifts or for operating personnel who normally carry out other tasks, and ensures a consistent quality of work.

Automatische Schardruckregelung nach Applikationskarte (3) Grafik_02_CMS
Hydraulic coulter pressure without an application map results in an inconsistent placement depth

Automatische Schardruckregelung nach Applikationskarte (4) Grafik_01_blau_gelb_CMS
Hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment on the basis of application maps provides a consistent placement depth

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