Condor – for direct sowing

Condor – für die Direktsaat (1) Raps_d1_150113

The concept – for extensive farming systems
The AMAZONE Condor is the ideal machine for operation in arable farming systems where there has been a minimum of prior soil tillage or just direct sowing. Particularly in large arable areas, where time and soil moisture are the limiting factors, the Condor stands for high work rates, precision and water conservation. The low pulling power requirement in relation to its working width helps significantly in reducing the financial costs in these most extensive of arable farming systems.

The benefits:

  • Minimum ground disturbance
  • Fertiliser applied with the seed. Seed placed at an optimum depth below the straw and in the appropriate reconsolidation
  • Extremely wide variety of crops can be sown
  • Huge cost reduction

  1. Millet
  2. Winter wheat
  3. Spring rape following spring wheat
  4. Spring wheat following spring rape
  5. Catch crop mixture

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