Other techniques: sowing catch crops directly into stubble.

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The soil is protected from drying out due to the soil tillage.

Sowing catch crops directly into the stubble in autumn means:

  • Stubble and straw protect the soil from drying out
  • Reduced soil erosion
  • Cost reduction due to less soil tillage
  • Exploitation of the dormancy of the volunteer grain

In this respect, it makes no difference whether it concerns a winter or summer catch crop. These positive effects also become apparent in a summer catch crop, i.e. from harvest until the sowing of the main crop in the autumn.

The Primera DMC can then be used to sow a spring crop directly into the winter-killed catch crop with the chisel openers in the spring. The catch crop can be left on the field as protection for the following main crop after being chopped up and/or sprayed. The catch crop not only serves as erosion and evaporation protection but also as a nitrogen fixer and a source of organic matter.

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