Packers – For even better reconsolidation

Packer – Für eine noch bessere Rückverfestigung (1) Cirrus6003-2C_Steyr_d0_kw_DJI_0610_d1_170118

T-Pack U
The front T-Pack U intermediate axle packer rolls the area in the centre of the cultivation disc segment. The soil in front of the machine is thereby additionally reconsolidated. This is of particular benefit on light soils. The passively steered T-Pack U can be utilised as an intermediate axle packer in the rear of the tractor or also, in solo operation, as a front packer.

T-Pack S
With the T-Pack S side packer, when using the Cirrus 4003-2/2C and 6003-2/2C under light to medium conditions or following the plough, the soil can be pre-rolled ahead of the disc segment, providing additional reconsolidation.

T-Pack IN
The front packer concept in the Cirrus 4003-2/2C and 6003-2/2C can be supplemented by the T-Pack IN. This is mounted in the centre of the machine underneath the drawbar and in this way presses the area between the tractor wheels.

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