Precise, high-performance at up to 60 kg coulter pressure

Equipped with the high-performance TwinTeC coulter, the seed drill has a precise and robust double disc coulter. With a disc diameter of 340 mm and a coulter pressure of 60 kg, the coulter provides very precise and neat seed placement, even at higher speeds and on inconsistent soils. Thanks to the parallelogram guidance of the coulter, the coulter pressure and the placement depth can be adjusted independently, so that optimum seed placement is ensured. The coulter impresses with its smooth running, even under the most difficult of conditions.

Advantages of the double disc coulter: 

  • Its highest levels of flexibility permit central independent adjustment of the placement depth and the coulter pressure 
  • High-precision seed placement as a result of its very smooth and tidy running 
  • Consistent sowing depth via the high constant coulter pressure of 60 kg
  • Best ground contour following for the coulter, based on the parallelogram coulter guidance 
  • Simple central working depth adjustment 
  • Reliable blockage-free sowing, even under difficult conditions, as a result of the high throughput ability

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