Sergey Borzov, General Director of OOO “Vasilyevskoye” (Stawropolskiy Rajon, Oblast Samara)

Sergey Borzov, Generaldirektor OOO „Vasilyevskoye“ (1) борзов_d1_201223

“We have a long-term and productive working relationship with AMAZONE. Our initial introduction to the technology behind the brand was in 1991, when we purchased a crop protection sprayer. Incidentally, the machine is still working on the farm. 19 years have passed since then and we decided to utilise AMAZONE technology when updating our machinery. We currently have practically the whole range of machinery that is manufactured at AMAZONE Eurotechnika, the Russian plant: These are precision air seeders and cereal seed drills, cultivators, crop protection sprayers and fertiliser spreaders.

All the technology is adapted to the cultivation method used at our farm. We work on our 10,000 hectares using a conservation cultivation techniue and therefore try to optimally incorporate crop residues. In doing so, we use fewer inputs and so reduced costs. AMAZONE machinery is a perfect complement for our crop production concept. In particular, I would like to mention the Primera DMC seed drill with 9 m working width, which has been working successfully for us for years and provides a high sowing quality with precise depth control across the entire area. The seed drill has long since paid for itself and works with high reliability.

In general, AMAZONE machinery is very comfortable to work with and the service is extremely good. When problems arise, they are promptly solved by the service specialists within the day. In the event of damage, all components are in stock, and the machinery does not let us down , which is very important in our soil and climate conditions, because every hour in the field counts. On a positive note, we haven’t had any serious downtime so far, mostly just wear parts and small things.”

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