Soil-engaging options – For excellent seedbed preparation

Vorwerkzeuge (1) Cirrus6003-2_Case_dx_CNH_dji_0572_d1_211220_CMS

From choice, the Cirrus can be equipped with a Crushboard in front or behind the disc segment. If it is undulations that require levelling or hard clods that have to be broken, the Crushboard is in the right position in front of the discs. Under very light conditions, the Crushboard behind the discs can also help settle the soil flow. The reconsolidation will be even more uniform. The front tyre packer can also be combined with the Cirrus with Crushboard.

Tractor wheel mark eradicators
For operation on compaction-sensitive soils and at a reduced working depth, the optionally available tractor wheel mark eradicators make sense. They loosen the packed wheel tracks behind the tractor tyres. The position of the wheel mark eradicators can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. The special kinematics of the eradicators provides a constant spring force over the entire area of deflection. The wedge shares safely loosen yet, however, do not bring stones to the surface.

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