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The point or “chisel” is protected against wear by a hard metal plate (tungsten carbide cobalt plate) at the front - this means that this point has an especially long life. This is yet another AMAZONE invention which is often “imitated”. It is easily recognisable: The AMAZONE chisel opener is the result of years of experience and is simply very good.

A coulter chisel opener set with 2 hard-faced plates for a longer service life, e.g. for sandy soils, is available as an option.

AMAZONE also offers a chisel opener set for band sowing across a width of approx. 55 mm for conventional and mulch sowing. This set allows a wider distribution e.g. for increased tillering.

The duckfoot chisel opener set, in widths of 150 mm or 200 mm, is ideal for the band sowing at a shallow placement of, for example, fibre flax. With a coulter spacing of 18.75 cm, the 150 mm wide duckfoot coulter achieves almost full-surface weed control, whereas the 200 mm wide duckfoot coulter achieves complete mechanical weed control like a shallow cultivator. In this respect, the pulling power required for the narrow duckfoot coulter is less than for the 200 mm wide duckfoot coulter.

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