Versatile roller range

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The most important task of a roller is reconsolidation. Due to the many possible demands (seed/soil conditions/lifting power of the tractor) a large variety of different rollers is therefore available. This means that the right roller can be selected for any seed and any soil. As the harrow-mounted seed drill is supported directly on the roller, the total weight is easily carried, thereby ensuring optimum working.

Solid roller
In general, solid rollers are better weight carriers than open rollers, especially on loose and light soils. In addition, solid rollers tend to suffer from less blockages. It is precisely for this reason that the rubber rings are fitted on a full tube on the wedge ring roller and the wedge ring roller with Matrix profile. When the rings sink into the loose soil, the tube carries the weight across the entire length. There is no chance of sticking, clogging or blocking up.

Large diameter
Larger diameter packer rollers carry the load better because the weight acts on a larger support area. Rollers having a large diameter also run considerably more smoothly and easier than rollers having a small diameter. AMAZONE rollers therefore have large diameters of 500 mm to 600 mm. These advantages are particularly noticeable at higher sowing speeds as they enable exact seed placement.

  1. Air cushion shock absorber
  2. Metal insert for maximum ruggedness and a perfect fit
  3. Spacer ring with dirt-repellent surface

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