Wide range of applications

Großes Einsatzspektrum (1) Centaya3000-C-Super_d0_kw_P2280773_d1_220307_2

The twin-chamber hopper means that the new Centaya-C Super offers the option of sowing companion and undersown crops in addition to the main cash crop. These are of great benefit for weed suppression and for increasing erosion control and biodiversity. In addition, the simultaneous application of fertiliser is an efficient solution that leads to rapid seedling development and high field emergence.

This sowing technique offers farmers and contractors a variety of establishment methods and a high degree of flexibility by the combination of seed and fertiliser.

Großes Einsatzspektrum (2) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_01_Nur_Saat_d1_200421_CMS
Seed only

Großes Einsatzspektrum (3) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_02_SingleShoot_Duenger_d1_200421_CMS
Single-shoot: sowing seed along with fertiliser at one placement depth

Großes Einsatzspektrum (4) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_04_DoubleShoot_Duenger_d1_200421_CMS
Double-shoot: sowing seed with fertiliser at different placement depths

Großes Einsatzspektrum (5) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_05_DoubleShoot_Untersaat_d1_200421_CMS
Double-shoot: sowing two seed types at different placement depths

Großes Einsatzspektrum (6) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_09_TripleShoot_Saatgut_d1_200506_CMS
Triple-shoot: sowing three different seed types at different placement depths

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