With twin outlet, pressurised hopper and up to three placement points – double-shoot or triple-shoot

With the Cirrus-CC, AMAZONE offers an additional model in the Cirrus range with a conveying system concept that allows for the delivery of two different materials. The various possible combinations of the conveyor system with the Cirrus-CC provide users with a wide range of options to meet modern arable farming methods. Both the Cirrus-CC and the Cirrus-C have a twin outlet pressurised hopper with a capacity of 4,000 l. 

In addition to the level of equipment found on the Cirrus-C, the Cirrus-CC has a separate distributor head and a FerTeC single disc sowing coulter. This means that a variety of sowing systems can be used, from simple sowing to double-shoot with simultaneous single-shoot. A third crop can be sown in combination when equipped with the GreenDrill 501. This is referred to as the triple-shoot method.

FerTeC coulter 
Due to the additional FerTeC single disc counter, which is located in front of the tyre packer, the Cirrus-CC can sow simultaneously two materials at different rates and depths. For example, fertiliser can be applied as well. This promotes the development of the young plant.

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