AMALOG+, AMADRILL+ and AMATRON 3 on-board computers


The AMALOG+, AMADRILL and AMATRON 3 on-board computers control the tramline system and the pre emergence marker. The sensor controls the creation of tramlines. Reprogramming to other tramline rhythms is very easy. The operational position of track markers and tramline system, sown area and seed level of the seed hopper are displayed. With AMADRILL+ or AMATRON 3 the seed rate can be changed in freely selectable steps in the tractor cab. In addition AMATRON 3 enables the creation of intermittent tramlines in sloping terrain. Thanks to the integrated interface AMATRON 3 can be comfortably and safely connected to numerous GPS terminals and Pocket PC/PDA solutions available on the market - from choice via cable or wireless via bluetooth. In this way a wide range of offers, e.g. for the automated plot related documentation is available. One decisive benefit of AMATRON 3: As a machine overlapping operator station it can also be used with other AMAZONE machines.