AmaSwitch and AmaSelect individual nozzle switching


Exact switching in 50 cm part-width sections: The decisive benefit of this individual nozzle switching is the possibility to operate with small part-width sections to be even more precise in wedge-shaped areas, short work and on the headland. The amount of overlap is significantly reduced on the headland, for instance, by up to 85 % less when compared with conventional Section Control part width section switching. In this way, depending on field shape, boom width and number of part-width sections, the combination of GPS-Switch and AmaSwitch results in considerable savings of spray agent compared with the usual crop protection techniques used up to now. If AmaSwitch or AmaSelect are combined with GPS-Switch automatic headland and part width section control, the individual nozzles are automatically switched in 50 cm part width sections. Including DUS pro high pressure recirculation Standard equipment with AmaSwitch and AmaSelect includes the DUS pro high pressure recirculation  system. DUS pro prevents deposits in the conical spray line and ensures an even spray agent concentration. Thanks to the pressure recirculation system, all the nozzles are ready for operation over the entire boom width. In addition, when switching off individual part-width sections and when turning or during transport, the spray agent remains in constant circulation. In this way deposits, blockages and any potential demixing in the spray lines is safely prevented.