Assessment from users regarding the AMAZONE-self propelled sprayer


Since 2008, contractor Holger Thomsen has operated an AMAZONE self-propelled sprayer across more than 5000 ha per year: "As a contractor, one has to use the technology that customers do not have themselves. Therefore, for plant protection only a self propelled sprayer is worth considering for us."  Holger Thomsen´s experiences with - the all-wheel steer of the self propelled sprayer: "When turning at the headland, we only leave two tracks with the self propelled sprayer, that means,  We do not do so much damage in growing crops."  - the hydro-pneumatically suspended tandem chassis of the self propelled sprayer: "It compensates ground undulations better. This results in a very even boom ride." - the ground clearance of 1.10 m: "It plays a part, for example, at flowering treatment in rape, because the plants are hardly damaged."  - the drive line of the self propelled sprayer: "With the infinitely variable hydrostatic drive line and the 200 HP engine the self propelled sprayer is well equipped to maintain speeds on the road but also in the field without any problem. Engine and drive line are suited for the size of this machine."   - the hydraulically adjustable track width of the self propelled sprayer: "It proves to be of advantage, for example in spring, for herbicide treatment in maize. If, in future, some customers want to convert their maize crops to narrow spacing, such an easily to handle track width adjustment is actually absolutely essential.“