Permanent monitoring of the spread fan for optimum lateral distribution

“ArgusTwin optimised the lateral distribution within seconds.“ (profi – Test report Amazone ArgusTwin · 01/2016)

ArgusTwin uses 14 radar sensors to monitor the lateral distribution of fertiliser from both the left and right hand spreading discs. The electric delivery system of the fertiliser spreader is automatically corrected to ensure optimum lateral distribution at all times in the event of deviations from the target values. Since the radar technology works regardless of dust and dirt, it delivers very reliable results. This also applies to variable fertiliser quality, working across slopes, starting off and braking behaviour or worn spreading vanes.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Optimum lateral distribution of the fertiliser at all times, even with variable fertiliser qualities
  • More effective use of the fertiliser
  • Automatic slope compensation of the spread pattern
  • No restrictions on border spreading or part-width section control



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