For precise guidance along the crop rows

Maximum precision is required for mechanical weed control in row crops. Inaccurate machine settings or operator steering errors can cause damage to crops. To make work easier for man and machine, camera-based row guidance systems have been developed which keep the machine optimally on track. In this respect, cameras monitor the crop. The system uses the colour, size and arrangement of the plant to distinguish where to steer the hoe.

Precise camera and control technology leads to an enormous increase in performance

Breaking up of soil encrustation by the hoe

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Minimisation of the unhoed area through precise guidance of the hoe along the row at all times
  • Reliable row guidance even in difficult situations, such as slopes or heavy weed infestation
  • Efficient working due to higher forward speeds
  • Fatigue-free work due to minimal control effort
  • Extension of working time into the night thanks to the lighting system on the camera

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