Cultivator for detecting small-scale soil differences

In cooperation with the exatrek, small-scale differences in the soil structure can be recorded during tillage with the cultivator, processed into an application map and used later, e.g. for part-area, site-specific sowing. The main element of the Cenius ZoneFinder is the exatrek telemetry module with data logger. This module transfers the collected data to the exatrek cloud. The data logger registers the forward speed, traction, fuel consumption and slip data from the CANbus of the tractor on the one hand and the working position, working depth and slope inclination of the hooked-up Cenius-2TX cultivator on the other. The data collection via the cultivator results in soil density maps, which can be subsequently used for the cultivation measures to follow.

Control unit on the cultivator

As a result, fuel consumption can be reduced by means of part-area, site-specific soil tillage, or a part-area, site-specific seed rate adjustment can be implemented by interfacing with other information systems.

The following practical advantages are provided:

  • Targeted consideration of soil differences
  • Cultivation adapted to local conditions
  • Reduction in the use of inputs, e.g. fuel, seed
  • Optimisation of the operational processes via telemetric data