agrirouter – The independent data hub for agriculture

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Simple and secure data exchange

AMAZONE opens the way to universal data exchange by means  of the manufacturer-independent agrirouter. The agrirouter  enables data to be exchanged between AMAZONE machinery,  agricultural software, manufacturers and companies both  securely and without any complications.

Benefits of the agrirouter:

  • Uncomplicated and easy handling  
  • Convenient and high-speed transmission  
  • Full control of your data  
  • Data is transported, not stored  
  • Manufacturer-independent use

Full control –  Decide for yourself!

The agrirouter simplifies data exchange by allowing job  data and application maps to be exchanged wirelessly  with AMAZONE machines. This simplifies operational  procedures, reduces administration time and improves  efficiency. In this respect, you are the only one who has  data sovereignty and can decide who receives which data  and to what extent.

AMAZONE implements the connection to the ISOBUS machinery via the AmaTron 4