Reliably placed

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As soon as the seeds reach the propulsion channel, the overpressure is interrupted and the seed is shot into the propulsion channel. In the seed furrow, which has been cleanly shaped and freed from organic matter by the furrow former, the grain is positioned by the catcher roller and pressed into the soil. This prevents unintentional rolling along of the grain and also ensures optimum seed/soil contact.

1. Pressure singling
2. Optosensor
3. Propulsion channel
4. Furrow former
5. Catcher roller
6. Reconsolidation
7. Soil water

Advantages of singling:

  • Reliable singling virtually independent of forward speed
  • Universally deployable
  • Avoids any misses and doubles

All at one glance!

The standard optical sensor means excellent checking and monitoring from the tractor terminal. Whether rape or maize, the optical sensor is universally usable and does not need to be exchanged.