DUS and DUS pro pressure re-circulation systems

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With DUS you determine the timing – proven more than 10,000 times

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The DUS pressure re-circulation system from AMAZONE guarantees the reliable recirculation of the whole system. At the start of the job, the hose system including the spray line is first filled with the active ingredient solution under pressure and in the reverse direction. This means the spray lines are always full and immediately ready to use over the entire working width. There is no waiting on the headland.

Every time individual part-width sections are shut off, during the turning operation and during transport, the spray liquid circulates continually thanks to the pressure recirculation system. This reliably prevents deposits, blockages or segregation in the spray lines.

During the cleaning operation, fresh water flushes the spray lines out right up to the nozzles without any spraying being necessary. During this cleaning procedure the concentrated spray liquid is returned back to tank via the pressure recirculation system leaving the spray lines clean.

DUS pro

DUS pro high pressure circulation is fitted as standard on AMAZONE self-propelled sprayers equipped with either AmaSwitch or AmaSelect electrical single nozzle control. The spray pressure at each individual nozzle is constant. Thanks to the conical spray lines, minimal residual spray volumes are achieved.

Conical spray line:
The dimensions of the spray line vary along the boom