TwinTeC – the precision double disc coulter

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TwinTeC – the precision double disc coulter

For the Cataya and Centaya sowing combinations

  • Adjustable harrow: the angle of attack is adjusted according
    to the level of straw residue.
  • Depth guidance rollers/press rollers: 50 or 65 mm wide (optional scarpers)
  • Internal scraper – optionally in a HD variant
  • Perfect parallelogram with the top link for central adjustment of the sowing depth from 0 to 6 cm
  • Centralised, 100 % independent adjustment of the placement depth and coulter pressure
  • TwinTeC mounted on rubber elements for shock absorption and cnetral adaption of the coulter pressure from 0 to 60 kg
  • Protective steel front plate
  • Spacer discs for adjustment to compensate for disc wear
  • Fastening of the discs in 5 locations with recessed Torx screws
  • No wear on the fixing discs
  • Maintenance-free bearings. No lubrication points on maintenance-free coulter
  • Double discs Ø 340 mm, angle of 10°, row spacing of 12,5 and 15 cm

Further machine details can be found here.

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