RDS Roller Drill System – The system for improved seed emergence and increased yields


Roll first, then sow: The even profile of the seed furrow produced provides the ideal preconditions for an absolutely smooth coulter run and thus the maintenance of an accurate placement depth. So, higher forward speeds than with other rollers are possible. The principle “roll first, then sow” allows the even placement of the seed and thus better plant emergence, irrespective of the soil type, ground conditions or forward speed. RDS benefits in an overview: (1) Targeted reconsolidation of the seed furrow via the wedge ring roller: for the optimum water supply of the seedling, the wedge ring reconsolidates the soil in strips directly in the seed furrow. (2) Targeted seed placement with the RoTeC Control coulters: Running directly in the track of the reconsolidated strips, the RoTeC Control coulters run especially smoothly, tracing a very accurate depth and place the seed on the reconsolidated bottom of the furrow. (3)Targeted seed embedment via the Roller harrow: the harrow covers the seed with loose soil and here the intensity is adjustable. In addition the rollers then press the soil above the seed.