So functions the Xpress system


Instead of the usual vacuum singling, on the EDX, the Xpress singling and placement system is used. Seed singling and seed placement take place separately: The seed is actively conveyed in the overpressure system for precise placement in the seed furrow via the singling system and seed tubes. Working speeds up to 15 km/h can thereby be achieved.

Amazone offer two singling drums for each of the three cultures; maize, sunflowers and rape, so that, even with the differing properties (shape, size, etc.), the seeds can always be cleanly singled.

The precise pneumatic singling of the seeds is performed, depending on machine model and row spacing, from 6 up to 16 rows simultaneously via the centralised singling drums. The stripper finger adjustment for singling a grain to each of the holes in these drums is carried out centrally.

After the singling process, the seeds are then “shot” via the seed barrels into a separate placement zone, the so-called Xpress catcher system with furrow former and catcher roller. Behind the two leading cutting discs the furrow former makes a furrow profile in a rectangular shape. The following catcher roller covers right up to the edges of the furrow so that the seeds cannot roll out of position but are safely caught and pressed into the furrow even in unfavourable soil conditions. This ensures the optimum placement quality. As the catcher roller is arranged neatly behind the furrow former the placement quality remains constant even at increased forward speeds. Another advantage compared to a conventional precision air seeder is that the placement accuracy from the Xpress catcher system is now independent of the state of wear of the sowing coulters.