The TS spreading discs: For the utmost precision at all spreading widths up to 54 m


Spreading system made from stainless steel – For a long service life

On the TS spreaders the entire spreading system is made from stainless steel providing a long service life.

The different spreading vanes can be quickly and simply exchanged with the aid of an interchangeable system. The perfect solution, e.g. for agricultural contractors. Between normal spreading and border spreading, different spreading vanes are activated via the so-called AutoTS system without the necessity to change spreading disc settings.

"Different spreading vane segments can be attached for different working widths - a very convenient solution".
(profi magazine – “Test report for ZA-TS 4200 Profis Hydro fertiliser spreader · 06/2013)

  1. The integrated AutoTS border spreading system is activated electrically.