We weigh reliably!


No calibration required. Enter the spread rate and drive off! It couldn’t be simpler. The weighing frame of the ZA-M Profis with a payload of up to 2100 kg gives you even more precision and capacity. The weighing system offers controlled comfort and even more reliability. It determines the different properties of the spreading material on-line using a weigh cell – and extremely accurately. It automatically compares the actual quantity that has been spread with the specified quantity. Differences in flow behaviour, e.g. with heterogeneous mineral fertilisers, are detected and the spreader automatically readjusts itself via the electric dosing shutter. The quantity applied is also precisely documented for the purpose of field-related nutritional balance. The sturdy weighing frame is integrated in such a way that neither the centre of gravity distance nor the filling height are increased. For a balanced nutrient supply, the spread rate calibration value can be adjusted via the AmaTron 3 on-board computer at the push of a button. The quantity can also be adjusted automatically according to the quantity of pure nitrogen already absorbed using additional on-line N-sensor technology. • AmaTron 3 has a serial interface for documentation and the connection of N-sensors and GPS-terminal supplied application maps for site-specific fertilisation.