AMAZONE mySprayer App

The smart control aid for AMAZONE crop protection sprayers

More comfort and safety with the mySprayer App - the convenient aid in your pocket
The mySprayer App serves as a practical and comfortable aid for operators of AMAZONE crop protection sprayers with respect to the functional reliability and operation of their machines. 

Comprehensive, easy-to-understand explanation of message and error codes

Message and error codes may occasionally be displayed on the ISOBUS terminal during operation of the machine. However, such a code does not provide the operator with any information about the type of message or error. After entry of the code in the mySprayer App, the operator is provided with information about the use of the machine and any error codes, with a comprehensive description of each individual code. The instructions for action to find and rectify faults are particularly helpful. This often dispenses with the need to contact the service department, and the operator can quickly correct possible errors independently.

If an AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayer of the UF 02 and UX 01 product ranges is optionally equipped with Sprayer Connect, two more functions are available with the mySprayer App: the nozzle remote control and the filling aid. Sprayer Connect includes a Bluetooth adapter, which establishes a connection between the machine and a smartphone and can be used to control the machine. 

Simple checking of the nozzle functionality 

The remote nozzle control can be used to control the nozzle function simply and conveniently directly at the boom. Automatic run-through of the part-width sections can be started via the mySprayer App.

Using the nozzle remote control function, you can switch individual part-width sections on and off by remote control with the mySprayer App. There are automatic sequential programmes available for sprayers with AmaSwitch or AmaSelect individual nozzle control that are controlled remotely via the mySprayer App. This means that the operator can easily check the perfect functioning of all nozzles from the outside and react very quickly to nozzles that are not operating perfectly.

Convenient filling

The maximum quantity to be filled can be entered via the filling aid in the mySprayer App before filling the crop protection sprayer. The filling aid then automatically determines the maximum area to be treated, bearing in mind the current application rate. 

You can also work the other way round, depending on the situation. The operator enters the remaining area to be treated and the filling aid determines the total amount to be filled, bearing in mind the application rate per hectare. The operator can monitor the current fill level during filling. The mySprayer App informs the operator of the progress of the filling programme by optical and acoustic messages.

Filling aid with digital display of the fill level

The progress of the filling process is displayed on the filling screen

The advantages at a glance:

  • Convenient and precise filling 
  • Best application results as a result of perfect nozzle choice
  • Clear instructions and rapid fault analysis