New SMS spreader setting service

Convenient and simple access to spreader setting information has always been at the heart of AMAZONE's FertiliserService. For more than 25 years, advice on how to get the best out of your fertiliser spreader has been readily available on-line using the FertiliserService database or on a smart phone via the mySpreader App. 


There are still times though when you need some personalised advice that you can't find on-line and so AMAZONE Ltd has introduced their new spreader settings SMS service. During the spring spreader season, Orchard Farm receives hundreds of phone calls a day for spreader settings and the SMS service allows our spreader settings specialists to follow up on any outstanding requests between phone calls and after hours. it also gives you, our fertiliser spreader customers, the chance to send in those pictures of odd-ball products, fertiliser bag codes, blended materials, etc. to enable us to give more accurate information as well

You can text the FertiliserService now on 07736993730 with any settings requests

The FertiliserService can also be e-mailed on [email protected]