Pantera 4504-HW


Maximum flexibility

The Pantera-HW self-propelled sprayer is extremely versatile with a track width adjustment range from
–2.25 m to 3.00 m with a with a ground clearance of 1.25 m or
–2.45 m to 3.20 m (3.30 m) with a ground clearance of 1.7 m.

In spite of its higher centre of gravity, the Pantera 4504-HW turns out to be very stable and can be 
flexibly used in a wide variety of crops and row spacings. In particular, contractors looking to offer a flexible plant protection service across a wide range of customers and crops can clearly increase the scope of crop protection treatments possible. 

The benefits:

  • Angled lifting cylinders provide tremendous stability
  • Larger track width in combination with the high-clearance chassis for maximum flexibility

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