Super-L3 boom

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Super-light, super-stable and super-compact for widths up to 48 m

Super-L3 boom with working widths from 30 to 48 metres
The special AMAZONE profile design of the boom provides maximum stability with a low weight. The inner boom sections of the Super-L3 boom are made of steel. The outer boom sections are manufactured from aluminium to keep the total weight down to a minimum. The advantage of the light-weight outer boom sections is that only a little amount of extra weight has to be guided smoothly over the crop on the outside. Smooth boom guidance at the boom ends is extremely important, especially in the case of large working widths. The profiles of the penultimate boom section of the 48 m wide Super-L3 boom are made of carbon fibre for maximum rigidity with a low weight.

Always the best level of equipment
Super-L3 booms from a width of 39 m are equipped as standard with ContourControl active boom guidance, SwingStop plus boom tip swing compensation and AmaSwitch or AmaSelect individual nozzle control with DUS pro in each case. 

The over-engineered boom sections, with hydraulically pressurised break back joints in the boom ends, ensure an absolutely smooth boom ride under any conditions. If any vibrations caused by cornering or acceleration occur in spite of the massive design, they are directly reduced by SwingStop plus.

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