The 4-fold damped Super-L booms

Super-L-Gestänge (1) Super_L2_Ausschnitt_5.507_d2_171002

Smooth-travelling and exact as standard

Boom guidance of the Super-L boom is optimised by the central pendulum suspension. In addition, the combined spring and damping elements provide an enormous reduction in any potential vertical movement. Also the horizontal pivoting movements are kept at a minimum by the integrated damping system so that, for all AMAZONE booms, optimum work results are achieved.

The benefits:

  • a particularly long central pendulum system means parallel guidance of very wide booms
  • combined spring and damping elements for shock-dampening the suspension against vertical forces,
  • integrated damping system consisting of braking plates and buffer blocks to damp down the horizontal yaw movement
  • leaf springs absorb the movements in the driving direction (from 39 m boom width)

  1. Spring damping system for reducing the horizontal swing movement
  2. Additional suspension to reduce the swing movements in direction of travel (only 4-section Super-L2 booms) 
  3. Spring damping system for reducing the vertical swing movement 
  4. Rams for the boom tip angling

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