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Pro weighing system with torque measuring system

The ProfisPro intelligent weighing system combines the benefits of the weighing system with the FlowControl torque measuring system

Profis – intelligent weighing system
The hopper and its frame are connected to a separate chassis via four 200 Hz weigh cells in the Profis weighing system is which integrated in the frame. Thus, there are no weight measuring points which are influenced by the traction forces of the tractor. Precise online weighing every 25 kg is the result! A tilt sensor is fitted as standard to additionally compensate for the inclination of the machine on slopes. The signal is simultaneously used to counter-steer on slopes via the steering axle. This prevents the ZG-TS from drifting.

FlowControl – torque measuring system
The FlowControl torque measuring system reliably monitors the torque on each spreading disc drive from the very first second and can adjust the position of each spread rate shutter in the event of a deviation from the target rate irrespective of the side. The applied rate is precisely documented for a field-related nutrient balance. In addition, the application rate can be altered at any time by pressing a button on the ISOBUS terminal.

Pro weighing system with torque measuring system
The spread rate regulation, controlled between the Profis weighing system and the FlowControl sensors, is a unique selling feature for AMAZONE.

Optimised spread rate from the very first second
This combination of the Profis weighing system and FlowControl enables the fertiliser spreader to use torque to regulate its theoretical application rate throughout the complete spreading process. The Profis weighing system monitors the actual spread rate every 25 kg. This allows FlowControl to recalibrate itself at regular intervals. This takes place without any need to stop. The ProfisPro intelligent weighing system means that the spread rate is optimised from the very first second of the spreading process. In addition, the driver has an overview of the actual quantity remaining in the hopper at all times as well as the possibility to display the remaining distance to travel until empty.

The benefits

ccurate weight measurement:

  • Display of residual volume
  • Remaining area and residual hopper contents display
  • Documentation of the total amount spread

Regulating/calibrating under all operating conditions:

  • Side-independent rate calibration
  • Absolute accuracy from the very first second
  • Detection of empty travelling and blockages
  • Double security as a result of mutual monitoring of both systems

Intelligent technology

  • Control of the steering axle on slopes
  • Comfortable on the road thanks to load-dependent braking force regulation

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Intelligent fill management

ProfisPro is particularly clever with its intelligent fill management during loading. Without the use of an external scale, the system gives precise information about the load condition at all times, thus preventing overloading and empty runs. And so, as a filling aid, or by the continuous measurement of the hopper contents, ProfisPro sets new standards.

Benefits of fill management:

  • Reliable filling aid
  • Reliable fill level measurements even without using an external balance
  • Avoidance of unnecessary empty travelling and residues
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Befüllhilfe (1) ZG-TS_DETAILS_Amazone_ZG-TS_10001_2017.00_00_12_00.Standbild001_d2_181119

Filling aid

Operators will particularly love the filling aid provided by the work lights and the Profis weighing system. Flashing followed by the constant lighting up of the work lights signals that the fill level has been reached. A second person, or the frequent dismounting for checking, are no longer necessary.

Befüllhilfe (2) ZG-TS10001-Befuellen_d2_181127
Filling by just one person, very simple!
Befüllhilfe (3) ZG-TS10001-Arbeitsbeleuchtung_aus_d2_181127
If the work light illuminate constantly, the desired fill level has been reached

Befüllhilfe (4) AMAPAD_ZG-TS_10001_ProfisPro_d1_20170821
Filling menu – determination of the desired fill level

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Optimum load distribution under all spreading conditions

Thanks to the real time measuring via the Profis weighing system, the axle and support loads can be optimally utilised during the filling procedure. This is because the loads on the axle and the drawbar are conveniently displayed during loading. Furthermore, the floor belt rises by 5 degrees which enables a transfer from the back to the front. This guarantees optimum load distribution during spreading. Maximum drawbar load and reduced axle loads enable safe driving in the field under all operating conditions.

Intelligentes Befüll-Management (1) ZG-TS_1001_Ladungsverteilung_d2_181119
Optimum load distribution

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Spread pattern simulator

The spread pattern simulator gives an intuitive introduction to how a fertiliser spreader works. Optimal settings for a variety of combinations of fertilisers and working widths can be clearly displayed and the influence that wind and fertiliser quality have also shown. Try it for yourself…