Intelligent spray liquid management: integrated into the total concept


Optimised for professional use
The 4,500 litre spray agent tank (actual volume 4,750 litre) positioned deep in the frame ensures a favourable centre of gravity and an even weight transmission to all four wheels of the Pantera. The spray agent and fresh water tank consist of high grade glass fibre reinforced plastic with smooth internal and external walls. The low positioned outlet sump ensures the smallest of residual volumes even in sloping terrain. Electronic fill level indication and four rotating high-pressure nozzles for internal cleaning are standard. The 500 litre fresh water tank with fill level indicator is located at the rear of the Pantera.

  1. High-pressure nozzles 
  2. Agitator 
  3. Fill level sensor 
  4. Power Injector 
  5. Tank dome cover 
  6. Exhaust gas system